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Drake – So Far Gone Mixtape

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    • https://mixtapes.tv/loutina420/ luis adame

      how do u download these mixtapes?

      • https://mixtapes.tv/mixtapetv/ iMixtapes

        Um the big button that says download mixtape…..

        • https://mixtapes.tv/jaye3207/ Jeff Mcterrell

          lmao duh

        • https://mixtapes.tv/mostdope43/ Donovan Linear

          well whenever i try it always downloads as a zip, so u need to be more specific

          • https://mixtapes.tv/mixtapetv/ iMixtapes

            Well that’s the standard format for downloading compilations from the internet, the mixtape is inside so you need to unzip it.

            Most computers are able to do that but if yours can’t, try zip software from http://www.jzip.com/ oz Alzip. They’re literally hundreds of them available for free.

  • https://mixtapes.tv/datboicold/ DUNCAN KATS

    ths is off the hookk broooo….its hard as fukkkkkk ! u GOT SERVED

  • https://mixtapes.tv/saifullah/ sjdidsdf sdfsdff

    dajm drake you the king

  • https://mixtapes.tv/-3-3032/ kingcanada

    best mix tape ive heard…ever

  • https://mixtapes.tv/-3-3276/ Leighton Lewis

    just joined, so why cant i download anything? it says 0 downloads for the month left. why?

    • https://mixtapes.tv/mixtapetv/ iMixtapes

      Try it again…

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  • https://mixtapes.tv/mohamed7/ ahmed mohamed

    ummmm this mixtape is the s**t drak is killing ever one right

  • https://mixtapes.tv/mostdope43/ Donovan Linear

    best mixtape by drake hands down
    Drizzy Drake!

  • https://mixtapes.tv/n10/ Nasser A

    One of the best mixtapes 2000-!!!