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Drake – Thank Us Later (Mixtape)

Drake x Cookin Soul x Don Cannon – Thank us later remixtape. After crafting the classic “Red Album” (Jay-Z vs Game) remixtape, the number one cosigner in the game and the hottest producer group in Europe decided to get together again for a very special date:

The official release of Drake’s highly anticipated new album.

Thanks Us Later is a new approach to song remixing. Not having the acapellas it is a complete new challenge,

Cookin’ Soul got in the studio together with french top producer Spike Miller and electronic spanish producer VibaSound

using real live instruments: guitars, bass, piano, strings, synths…

everything necessary to create this monster with remixes, mashups & original production.

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  • https://mixtapes.tv/-3-2513/ Chloe McGraw

    I love this s**t man !!!!! Drake I hear ya man..! This dude said he wana marry Nicki Minaj ! Now thats whats up ! I wish I could ! .. Love It ! Going to get the cd NOW!

    • https://mixtapes.tv/-4-4052/ don walker

      who did he do dis

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  • https://mixtapes.tv/-2-341/ Chris Roper


  • https://mixtapes.tv/lexxman77/ Salvador Sambula

    Alot of Drake haters out there but just like the album title state … you’ll be Thanking him later.

  • https://mixtapes.tv/-3-2881/ spenser walker

    people hate on drake cuz he clean cut and better then there fav rapper

  • https://mixtapes.tv/-3-2908/ mini molekane

    havnt listend 2 this but its probly good…

  • https://mixtapes.tv/-3-3276/ Leighton Lewis

    god all mighty! this is arguably the best mixtape of the year! Drake is the best rapper right now. Thanks n***a! Dem cookinsoul brothas did this s**t justice.

    • https://mixtapes.tv/-2-341/ Chris Roper

      Is that a joke? lol Best mixtape of the year. That’s just stupid. No Ceilings, f**k A Mixtape, Carlo Gambino, The Albert Anastasia EP, No Witnesses, The Red Room etc etc etc. No Ceilings is far better than this.

      • https://mixtapes.tv/mixtapetv/ iMixtapes

        No Ceilings was last year…The others where Okay. Thank Us Later is just remix of what on the Thank Me Later album.

        • https://mixtapes.tv/-2-341/ Chris Roper

          Yeah, No Ceilings was Oct. or Nov. 2009. I forget.

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  • https://mixtapes.tv/evanschauke/ evans chauke

    drake is da best………

  • https://mixtapes.tv/lady-lovely/ Paula Barnes

    mannnnnn i can’t wait……