Drake – Thank Us Later (Mixtape)

Drake – Thank Us Later (Mixtape)

Drake x Cookin Soul x Don Cannon – Thank us later remixtape. After crafting the classic “Red Album” (Jay-Z vs Game) remixtape, the number one cosigner in the game and the hottest producer group in Europe decided to get together again for a very special date:

The official release of Drake’s highly anticipated new album.

Thanks Us Later is a new approach to song remixing. Not having the acapellas it is a complete new challenge,

Cookin’ Soul got in the studio together with french top producer Spike Miller and electronic spanish producer VibaSound

using real live instruments: guitars, bass, piano, strings, synths…

everything necessary to create this monster with remixes, mashups & original production.

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15 Responses to “Drake – Thank Us Later (Mixtape)”

  1. Chloe McGraw says:

    I love this shit man !!!!! Drake I hear ya man..! This dude said he wana marry Nicki Minaj ! Now thats whats up ! I wish I could ! .. Love It ! Going to get the cd NOW!

  2. Salvador Sambula says:

    Alot of Drake haters out there but just like the album title state … you’ll be Thanking him later.

  3. people hate on drake cuz he clean cut and better then there fav rapper

  4. god all mighty! this is arguably the best mixtape of the year! Drake is the best rapper right now. Thanks nigga! Dem cookinsoul brothas did this shit justice.

  5. evans chauke says:

    drake is da best………

  6. Paula Barnes says:

    mannnnnn i can’t wait……

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