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Rick Ross Doesn’t Believe Meek Mill Lost to Drake

While in New York making the promo run for his new album “Black Market” which is coming this fall, in support of his new single “Sorry” with Chris Brown, he stopped by Hot 97 for an interview, where he talked about the sales of Maybach Music Group albums, the Meek Mill vs. Drake battle, having a fiancé and much more.

The topic that stood out the most was Meek Mill vs. Drake, where Ross expressed that he doesn’t believe Meek really took an “L.” Now obviously, it’s in Rozay’s best interest to say Meek didn’t lose, so there’s an obvious bias there.

That being said, he does make a good point and he is speaking from experience. When he was going at it with 50 Cent, everyone (including me) thought he took a lose. That was just the battle though, the war however was a different story. Ross moved on the drop multiple hit records and number one albums and now MMG is one of the best rosters in the rap game.

Meek lost a battle but the war is far from over and only time will tell how this really turns out.

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