Upload Mixtapes

This page is for artists, A&R’s, DJ’s, labels and anyone with the authority to published the respective content. If your a fan interested in listening and downloading mixtapes, please refer to the download mixtapes page.

If you want to start uploading mixtapes just fill out the Submission Application (must be logged in) and we’ll check out your information and if all is well you’ll be able to have your mixtapes  live in minutes.

6 steps before successfully uploading mixtapes:

  1. You must already have an account with MixTapes.TV, sign up here.
  2. The file name of the MP3s should not be track1.mp3, track2.mp3, they should look like Artist – Song Title.mp3 or something similar.
  3. MP3s must be properly be tagged, artist, song title, mixtape name, year, track #, artwork, and genre are all required, get a free MP3 tag editor here.
  4. Any mixtape you uploaded here must tagged with “Downloaded from MixTapes.TV” or “Mixtapes.TV” in the comment field of the MP3 ID3 tags. This is to credit us for hosting the mixtape for free, we’ll know if you didn’t added this field and your mixtape will be removed.
  5. Tracks must be numbered 1,2,3 not 1/17 because you won’t be able to order your mixtapes via track #.
  6. Mixtape cover is required to upload mixtapes, preferably 600px or higher.

Note: Please do not attempt to pad your stats, we track plays very carefully and aware of when the plays are not real, this type of activity is not permitted. It doesn’t benefit anyone especially not the listeners and it uses up our resources in the wrong way, this will get you banned.

Ready? then get to uploading them tapes.