Gary Vee’s Tribute to Nipsey Hussle Will Leave You in Tears

Real Quick: Gary Vee is a popular entrepreneur and social media expert that provides a ton of free leadership and business content on his channels.

Gary Vee has always been orbiting Hip Hop, I was pleasantly surprised when I started seeing him pop up in different places like The Breakfast Club. He did a bunch of interviews with numerous rappers and it was usually like huh? Didn’t see that one coming.

One that wasn’t surprising, was when he and Nipsey Hussle linked up. When I saw that, it was more along the lines of “It’s about time”. It was expected, and it was no surprise how well they both clicked and everything that followed was all chemistry.

I expected nothing less from Gary with this tribute which captures some candid moment between Gary Vee and Nipsey Hussle.

The video was concise, heartfelt, and potential tear-jerker. Salute Gary Vee for this one.

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