ASAP Rocky’s Thoughts on “Drake vs. Meek Mill”

Over the weekend at Lollapalooza’s Samsung Galaxy Artist Lounge, MTV News caught up with A$AP Rocky to weigh in on the Drake vs. Meek Mill on-going battle. Flocko voiced his opinion on the public cared about the battle, what he thought of both artists and who he believed won it.

As you’ve already gathered, most of us believe Drake went home with the win in the 7-day long showdown that took place last week, to everyone’s surprise. Rocky shares the same sentiment bit also believe it won’t necessarily hurt Meeks career.

Read the full response below.

“If you ask me if that matters, or if the public cares, that’s two different questions. I think that it doesn’t matter at this point for the public — they seem like they don’t care. I don’t know. To me it matters. Watching this was like watching the Super Bowl. I wanna say thank you to Drake and Meek Mill, because that’s good sportsmanship. For real, that sh-t was fun. I needed that. To see that, that’s good sportsmanship.”

“I think Meek will be fine, I think he has a fanbase of his own, and I think that at the end of the day, there had to be a loser in the outcome, and it was Meek. So it is what it is.”

“If somebody helped Drake, I dunno, that might be considered cheating, but whoever wrote that — not saying Drake ain’t write it, I’m quite sure he did — that sh-t was insane. That sh-t was incredible, and I wanna thank Drake and Meek Mill for such a good battle. I come from an old school aesthetic — me being 26 — coming from the point of, when I was coming up, it was all about writing your rhymes, and I’m quite sure for R&B songs, if someone’s giving you [lyrics], that’s nothing. I don’t know. I would have to see. I don’t know what to believe.”

“Regardless of if Drake write his sh-t or not, I’m still a fan.”

I don’t know if I agree 100%, but I believe Meek’s stock went down after this exchange but it’s too soon to call. Only time will tell.

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