Lil Wayne – No Ceilings 3 [Mixtape]

Lil Wayne – No Ceilings 3 [Mixtape]

  1. V8 Lil Wayne 2:35
  2. BB King Freestyle (Feat. Drake) Lil Wayne 4:31
  3. Lamar Lil Wayne 2:49
  4. For The Night Lil Wayne 2:19
  5. Something Different Lil Wayne 2:51
  6. Life Is Good Lil Wayne 3:03
  7. Peggy Bundy Lil Wayne 3:12
  8. Out West (Feat. Young Thug) Lil Wayne 3:54
  9. Church (Feat. Euro, HoodyBaby & Gudda Gudda) Lil Wayne 4:38
  10. Comme des Garsons Lil Wayne 2:39
  11. Deep End Lil Wayne 3:01
  12. Drag Em (Feat. Gudda Gudda) Lil Wayne 2:19
  13. Drive-Bys (Feat. Vice Versa (Yaj & PoppyH)) Lil Wayne 3:41
  14. Fl4m3$ (Feat. Lil Tune) Lil Wayne 2:44
  15. 3 Headed Goat (Feat. Cory Gunz & YD) Lil Wayne 3:17
  16. Hollywood (Feat. Young Carter) Lil Wayne 2:58
  17. Kam (Feat. Young Kam Carter) Lil Wayne 2:48
  18. Kamila (Feat. Jay Jones) Lil Wayne 2:48
  19. 2 Diamonds Lil Wayne 2:49
  20. Afro Lil Wayne 3:02

As the end of 2020 draws closer, Lil Wayne hits us with the 3rd installment in his legendary mixtape series No Ceilings. Today we’re blessed with the No Celings 3 mixtape. A follow up to previous release which was back in 2015.

“The mixtape game seemed to be a dying art and since I’m one of the pioneers of the craft, and it played such a big part in my career, I felt it was only right to resurrect it,” Wayne said. “Also, it’s a lot of songs out here I wanted to kill my way!”

This time around the mixtape is hosted by DJ Khaled and boasts 20 tracks, with features from the likes of Drake, Young Thug, Jay Jones, Cory Gunz, and more.

Drake just recently announced his appearance on the tape via his Instagram account. The track is called “BB King Freestyle” and hearing Drake with that type of flow is reminiscent of that old Drizzy Drake and Weezy chemistry that remember from the early Young Money days.

How time flies.

Stream and download the new No Ceilings 3 mixtape.
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