Barbershop 3: First Look

Barbershop has been an all time favourite in the Hip Hop community, you can make an easy argument that belongs up there with the likes of Belly, Paid In Full and Friday.

Now 11 years after Barbershop 2: Back in Business, Ice Cube is breathing new life into the franchise with the 3rd installment of the Barbershop series.

There has been a lot curiosity as to what Cube would be doing to make the 3rd times a charm, especially after the announcement that Nicki Minaj and the Oscar award winning Common (been waiting to use that) would be joining the cast.

Today we get a first look into the upcoming film, due out in 2016.

Cube says they’re trying to take the series to new heights with different characters and as you can peep from the clip, Nicki shows up doing hair, Common has a cameo and familiar faces like Eve, Anthony Anderson, Cedric The Entertainer are having a good time on the set as well.

I’m looking forward to seeing this cult classic.

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