Charlamagne Respects Kanye West for Owning Up to His Bulls**t

VladTV consistent guest, Charlamagne tha God examined his late Breakfast Club interviews with Tyga and Kanye West, saying the two had the capacity do the show in light of the fact that they found themselves able to be open, legitimate, and own up to their individual contentions. Neither one of them avoided the intense inquiries and had the capacity talk their peace while being hit with a couple of dosages of reality from tha God.

Charlamagne likewise speaks on lost footage of Kanye saying Tyga and Kylie are in love with each other, conceding that he has no clue why that was overlooked amid the altering & editing procedure, however he’s much obliged to whomever released it, for attracting more buzz for the morning show.

The mainstream radio host additionally imparted his considerations on Kanye’s first Breakfast Club meeting versus this most recent one, he wasn’t as upset at Kanye this time around, yet did get some information about his after-Grammy tirade where he said Beck ought to give his award to Beyonce. Kanye conceded on the show he wasn’t right for that, Charlamagne Believes Yeezy has developed significantly in the course of the most recent two years.

It always makes for good conversation whenever Charlamagne is on the Vlad couch.

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