Rap Battle: Charlie Clips vs T-Top (Rookie vs Vets)

Here’s the last battle of the night for URL’s Rooki vs Vets event, the face off is between UFF Champion T-Top vs battle rap’s current G.O.A.T Charlie Clips.

Round 1: Charlie Clips

Clips won the coin toss which resulted in T-Top going first, it was a light round a few lines here and there but for the most part, it was a battle to win the favour of the crowd which he did somewhat.

Not enough to win him the round though as Charlie quickly killed whatever momentum he was gaining, overall Charlie simply had better lines in his round and a few funny moments as is always expected from Clips.

Round 2: T-Top

Having a slow start in round 1 didn’t really seem to faze T-Top at all as he came out swinging in round 2 with a very strong verse, punchlines, delivery, aggression crowd support, it was all there.

Charlie’s second round wasn’t bad either but over I feel T-Top edged him on a bar for bar comparison.

Round 3: Charlie Clips

T-Top had a good third round as well but Clips had a great advantage of going last because his scheme attacked T-Top’s battle style of always talking about his struggles which was the perfect rebuttal for T-Top’s previous two rounds.

Clips 3rd round was an elaborate set up that included name flips, a prayer and lecture all rap up in one gigantic scheme.

Winner: Charlie Clips 2-1

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