Future Compares Himself To Nipsey Hussle; Twitter Proceeds To Drag Him

Nowhere on planet earth was anyone ever thinking, hmmm Future and Nipsey Hussle; those are 2 gentlemen cut from the same cloth. I’m not sure what type of time Future was on today, but he decided to take to Twitter to offer his condolences on Nipsey’s passing with a little extra sauce no one requested or wanted.

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#Roommates, do you agree?

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Yeah we do need more like us … I been teaching and preaching for a decade also showing and proving what hard word and dedication get u, Future typed.

And then Twitter activates.

I’m pretty well versed in Nipsey’s discography and I can assure everyone, there isn’t a single song that encourages drug use.  Nipsey was about being self-made, black empowerment, independence and uplifting his community. Sorry Future but that hasn’t been your narrative, if it has, we must have missed.

Love the music but let’s relax, Nipsey and Future are not the same.

Dragging deserved.

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