J. Cole Won’t Be Performing Again For a “Very Long Time”

The most optimistic reason is that he's going to go back into hiding while he knocks out another album.

After hearing J. Cole’s track titled “Jermaine’s Interlude,” on DJ Khaled’s Major Key album, it raised a few eye-brows when Cole said the line, “Now I play with thoughts of retirement.”

From very beginning, Cole has always come off as a reluctant star, that wanted to be great but wasn’t necessarily interested in being number one and what that position requires – this is very evident in his music.

It’s been 2 years since the release of 2014 Forrest Hills Drive LP, an album that has certainly stood the test of time. Cole has been touring and performing 2 years straight since the release of that album, he ended his set at last night’s The Meadows Music Festival in Queens sharing some unfortunate news.

Before he left the stage, he told the live audience that this would be his last performance for a very long time.  The crowd immediately yelled “no” as Cole went on the complete his performance.

There could be a few reasons why Cole is taking a break, the most optimistic is that he’s going to go back into hiding while he knocks out another album. This would be the ideal outcome for fans.

Another reason could be that dude got married and has been on the road ever since and he probably feels now is a good a time as any to spend some time with his family. Or maybe he’s just tired and needs a break – or maybe it’s all of the above.

No one really knows for sure, either way, it is what it is.

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