Jay Electronica Disses 50 Cent and Kendrick Lamar

Not sure what it is exactly but there’s definitely something about social media that makes artists jump out the window, we saw Meek do it all year in 2015 and took repeated Ls and now the latest one to go off is Jay Electronica.

Jay Electronica

He hopped on Periscope to answer a few fan questions while riding around and things went from interaction to him going off.

While bumping Future, Jay Elec was asked what he thought of Kendrick Lamar and he went on to say that K Dot is his son and can’t compare to him. He said the only song he likes from him is “Cartoons & Cereal” and only because of Gunplay, but that’s still his “brother” at the end of the day. Not only did Kendrick take shots, but 50 Cent also got some verbal AK spray (“we’ll slap 50 Cent f*****g eyeballs loose out his scalp”), as well as Action Bronson.

I think it’s funny on so many levels to hear him talk like that while Future plays in the back.

On the positive side of things, he showed some love to Freddie Gibbs, Drake even though he’s from Toronto and Ab-Soul is his favorite TDE rapper, with “Book of Soul” being his favorite song.

Cats have gotten very comfortable with talking crazy to 50 Cent, they must really have forgotten that this guy gives zero fux and will throw it all away over confrontation.

I’m sure 50 is going to respond.

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