It’s a Given: Brawl Breaks Out at Rick Ross & Meek Mill “All Star” Party

It wouldn’t be much of a All Star Weekend if someone didn’t catch the fade right?  Rick Ross & Meek Mill we unable to avoid a situation that quickly escalated at their  “All Star Weekend” party.

The MMG crew was present at NYC’s Liberty Theatre on Friday, where Rozay was hosting a club gig. At one point a brawl broke out in the same section Meek and Ross were partying at.

According to eyewitnesses and a brief video from TMZ of course, both rappers got involved in the fight when someone threw a drink and random club goers started exchanging blows. Meek reportedly delivered several punches while Rozay only pushed a few guys and relied on his bodyguard to do the dirty work.

A few minutes later, everyone calmed down and continued with the celebratory activities. Cops were not called, so no arrests were made and no charges were filed. At least it didn’t end the night and the cops not showing up was a good thing, surprisingly the cops were on their best behavior this weekend.

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