Nicki Minaj & Beyonce – Feeling Myself (Video)

Yesterday might have been the very first time anyone thought of subscribing to Jay-Z’s Tidal service. That’s after Nicki Minaj and Beyonce released their music video for their collaboration “Feeling Myself.”

It’s easily one of the biggest thirst traps ever, masquerading as a music video. It was the great marketing for Tidal and if they can continue to release exclusive content of this caliber, they just might be able to make a splash in the music biz.

The music video was a surprise for two reasons.

1) No one knew it was even made, 2) People were expecting Nicki to release the music video for “The Night is Young” which she has been promoting heavily on Instagram and Twitter.

The exclusivity didn’t stop the internet from having all types of visuals ripped from the video within minutes of the release.

It’s only right there would be some nice shots and, of course, some Gifs.

That Nicki Minaj Wink

Furs on in the pool though?


Pretty on fleek

Nicki Twerking

Whipping all that work

Beyonce booty

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