Boogie Visits His Old Church, Talks Being a Farther & Breaks Down His Music

Boogie is one of the cats that’s bubbling right now on the up and coming scene, he just recently linked up with Pigeons & Planes while they were out on the West Coast to talk about what’s been going on in his life since getting some recognition after the release of his Thirst 48 mixtape.

In the video Boogie takes you back to his old hood in Long Beach, one of the places that he said was very influential to him as a youngster was his old Church, where he ended up getting involved in the streets because gang members went to the church as well.

At the same time the church was a positive thing because that’s where he developed his love for music.

He also talked about not finishing High school, ending up getting home schooled to earn his GED, as well attending some college.

Boogie says music is the final destination for, he isn’t focusing on anything else outside of making music. The only the that matters more to him than music is his son, which he hopes that through his music, he teaches him what he went through so he can make better choices.

He also speaks on how he got his start recording music in college and what he’s got on the way with The Reach project.

It seems the “reach” word is doing it’s number in Hip Hop culture, first it gets popularized by battle rap, now it’s just part of the general rap lingo, oh and it’s also used on this site as a measuring metric for how much “reach” any peace of content has….But I digress.

Be on the lookout for new stuff from Boogie.

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