Power, Season 2 Episode 2: No Friends on the Street

Tommy offers to help Ghost if he agrees to one major condition to use Angela to find out what she knows about them; Kanan released from jail is a surprise to Ghost.

Power, Season 2 Episode 2: No Friends on the Street

The Consequences of episode 1 had us reeling with shock and suspense. Kanan is out of jail, and he is not settling for a place in Ghost and Tommy’s empire. He is looking to shock the New York underworld, and it seems that he is not stopping at anything. Angela’s life has crumbled and Tommy is losing it.

Here is a look at episode 2….

We start off at a scene where Ghost and Angela are having their regular trysts. Angela fakes a run, which is really just a ruse to meet with FBI man and ex-boyfriend, Greg. Ghost is a dangerous and wary opponent, a child of the street; his senses tell him to follow Angela.

He spots the rendezvous and decides that something is going on.

Ghost keeps getting outsmarted by Simon

Simon Stern approaches James, the Ghost himself and asks to buy the nightclub, Truth. He offers to give James the position of a manager. The deal is that if Ghost can get truth making a 20% return, Simon will let him buy it back.

In the meantime, Kanan is still doing his rounds. He and his son Shawn pays Ghost & Tasha a visit and informs them that he has been released a year earlier as a result of good behavior while incarcerated.

He feigns shock at the luxury in which Tasha and Ghost live.

Kanon’s Power moves

Moving on, Kanan tries to make himself ‘Handy’, promising to’ help’ ghost in his hunt for Pink Sneakers. Warier than ever, James turns down this offer, letting on that he knows a way to get it done on his own. Kanan is disturbed by this revelation because he does not want his mercenary out in the open. Tommy cannot wait to discuss business, but Ghost is spooked and is afraid of talking about anything related to dealing in the presence of Kanan.

Alerted, Kanan pays a quick visit to the man in charge of Pink Sneakers and her killing endeavors. He wants to know where the girl is, but the boss does not know, which is why Kanan kills him. This scene is an eye-opener to all of us; Kanan is a cold blooded killer and prison has not dulled his senses.

A real problem arises because Ghost has received too much contraband from Lobos but because of all his current travails, he cannot get things done, something which is definitely going to make Lobos want to have a real up and close meeting. However, Ghost is deeply aware of how dangerous his associate is and tries to make things move.

Shawn is still in the picture and this time, he wants to know if Tasha is coming on to him but she breaks his heart when she admonishes him for his curiosity about her, telling him that the shows in the car and the naked scenes were all a big mistake.

Santos gets Power

Ghost is not coping too well with Simon’s demands. In a rather humorous turn of events, he is sent to Miami by Simon, (to take care of an official matter) who then fires him almost immediately, meaning that Ghost now works under Santos. Noticing a window of opportunity, Ghost immediately suggests to Angela that they take THAT flight to Miami. She turns down the offer.


Angela has her reasons for wanting to stay. She goes to young Isabel, who helps her finish the sketch she has been obsessed with for so long, the sketch she believes belongs to the Ghost, the man she and the entire department have been looking for without success. Running her sketch through the government database, she finds a huge shocker; Tommy Egan is somehow connected to the Ghost. While still with James in her house, she keeps hacking into the department’s portal in search of developments on the Lobos case.

It will all go down in Miami

The search for Pink Sneakers is still on, and one of Ghost’s men tells him that she has been spotted in Miami. He is ecstatic. This is the one chance to deal with all the anarchy that has been raging around, and he takes it with both hands. Tasha wants to know where he is going and he assures her that his destination is Miami, and no, he is not going to see some woman; he is going for business. The two then settle their differences by making love.

Ghost is very suspicious about Kanan’s release. He asks Shawn if he knew anything about it, something his young nephew does not admit to. At the last minute, Angela boards the flight. Destination: Miami. Well, now that took a while to happen.

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