Power – Season 2 Episode 3: Like We’re Any Other Couple

It’s like we said in the last recap, it will all go down in Miami and boy did it ever. Episode 3 of Power which is titled “Like We’re Any Other Couple” is the episode that set things in motion.

Welcome to Miami, FL

Ghost and Angela’s big trip to Miami is exactly that-big, but not for the reasons you are thinking. The lovers land in Miami with dreams of hot dinners in their minds. The dinners are great, but the lovemaking is even better. They delve into the details of each other’s lives, and the moment of the truth comes when Angela has to ‘confess’ to Ghost that she is indeed law enforcement. She is on to Tommy, she reveals, and has enough information to take him down in a major way and put him away for a long time. Ghost is the chameleon, a master of his trade, and he manages to look angry, hurt and betrayed by Tommy at the same time.

Ghost is wearing many hats

The two have things figured out pretty well. They fantasize about moving to Miami, with James admitting that he is checking out some top schools for his kids in the city. Not sure that Tasha would ever agree to that, but whatever floats your boat, Jamie. Angela wants the ghost to help her take Tommy down in the way of testifying before the authorities. In return, she will help him save his businesses. Hard to see how that can happen.

Tommy is blind to Kanon’s intentions

Ghost goes about Simon’s dirty work. After a session of pulling arms, gritting teeth and generally being Simon’s thug, he manages to force a club owner to enter into an agreement with his boss. Of course, he gets by with the support of Angela.

Back in New York, Tommy is violating the only rule Ghost set up; not to show Kanan the inside of their business. He tells his old friend about all the money-laundering gigs Ghost is fond of, admitting that they learned the rules of the game from Kanan. Tommy lets slip that at that precise time, James St Patrick is down in Miami, taking care of Pink Sneakers.Alarmed,50 cent’s character finds a way to fly Dre down there to get Mariela before Ghost gets to her.

Tasha has no right to be jealous of Lakeisha

Tasha and Lakeisha are hanging out, kicking about the possibility of Ghost cheating. Shawn is in the background, as usual, part of the scenery. Tasha’s friend makes a move on him and this time, he openly flirts back, which irks Tasha. She tries to break it up, but it just gets worse because Shawn has to take Lakeisha home, allowing the two more time to muck about. In the car, they talk a little bit and finally both move in for that kiss when Tasha calls –again. She is crushed when Shawn admits that he sees her as a big sister. That escalated fast. Shawn gets her off the romantic interest train, putting her firmly in the Big Sister Zone (Which is 500 times worse than the dreaded Friend Zone) and buckling her up.

The only thing you know with Kanan is that whenever he is around, things get nasty fast and somewhere down the line, there is going to be blood on the floor. Tommy makes another mistake, going to the RSK’s with Kanan to ask Q-Dub to work for them. Q-Dub does not trust them because he believes that they were somehow responsible for the death of Rolla. In the argument that ensues, guns are drawn, and the scene that follows is horrifying. Suffice to say that the casualties involve a little more than a few missing teeth and limbs.

R.I.P Pink Sneakers

Down in Miami, things are heating up both in the bedroom and out there in the streets. In between breaking legs for Simon and getting in the sack with Angela, Ghost works hard at tracking Pink Sneakers, and he does succeed in finally spotting her. In Miami, she is Mariela because that is what her father called her when she was born. She is a good girl too, and her father wants her to get married and bear truckload of babies. He wants things precisely in that order. Sneakers has other ideas, and they sure as hell do not revolve around the subject of marriage. No, sir. Thankyou. She loves the streets too much. She is in love with the blood, the adrenaline, and the goo.

A chase ensues as Dre and Ghost try to get to Pink Sneakers at once. Ghost finally gets to her, after Dre stabs her. Before bleeding out, she tells him that she was not icing his people for Rolla.

For Angela and Ghost, the crash from cloud 9 is deafening. New York awaits them. She is now surer than ever before that Tommy is the Ghost. A surveillance tape places him in the neighborhood when the move on Nomar is made.

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