Power – Season 2 Episode 4: You’re the Only Person I Can Trust

Tommy , Ghost and Julio

Last week’s episode of Power left a bitter taste in our collective mouth. The Miami escapade has come to pass, but the sheer betrayal, deception and gore of it all did not pass unnoticed by even the most liberal enthusiast. Sure, there was some great play both in bed and out in the streets, but the death of Pink Sneakers and the beginning of the end of the Jamie-Angie affair left us winded. Let us dig in on the latest.

Kanon Rewards Loyalty

Kanan drops in on his baby mama, Shawn’s mother, who goes by the name Jarita. After they get some romance going, she hands over a stash of money she has been keeping for him since the state tossed him a dime in one of its rather relaxed prisons.

Ghost regrets killing Rolla

Ghost reveals to Tasha that Pink Sneakers is dead. He admits surprise at the fact that another person called the hit in. He shares the same news to Kanan and Tommy.

Ghost and Tasha

He knows very well that Rolla was not behind the hits on Ghost and his crew, and so now he has some ideas as to who might have done it. The duo also tells him that they have killed Q-dub.

Lalas Tatas

We’ve been waiting on episode 4 like it was a s*x tape or something ever since is was revealed that Lala Anthony would be showing it all in the episode and that she did. The trending #LalasTatas hashtag on Twitter was proof that the public liked what they saw.

Shawn and Lala’s character Lakeisha finally decide to get things heated up, and it goes really well, this one. However, Tasha is not happy when Lakeisha tells her what happened. She pretends that she is doing great with Ghost but it is pretty clear that she is deeply hurt by what she sees as betrayal by Shawn.

Ghost is F*****g up

Tasha gets on her husband’s case and obtains a receipt that confirms his activities in Miami. She realizes that he was doing a little more than trying to bag Pink Sneakers-he was there to bag two, no, three birds with one stone(Pink, Angela and the club owner’s signature). She calls the hotel the lovebirds spent time at and realizes that Ghost was indeed with Angie.

Here reaction? She locks Ghost out of his own home. That’s Tasha St Patrick for you.

Shawn and Ghost

Angela Valdez is confused, torn between two worlds, but even in that state of mind, she manages to worm her way back into the Lobos case after pinpointing Tommy Egan as the Ghost. Sometimes later, James tells her that he has split up with Tasha, which is an obvious lie because he has been kicked out into the streets. Way to save face, Jamie. Couldn’t have done it better. No, seriously. That’s lame.

Ghost is slowly letting Kanan back in, despite his reservations about the man’s loyalty. In a meeting, Kanan gets the nod to manage the RSK territory. At that moment, they both have a sudden insight into what each other is doing. Ghost develops a strong hunch that Kanan is behind all the hits that have been targeted at his crew, and Kanan has a feeling that there is trouble in the Jamie-Tasha paradise.

James St. Patrick seeks out Tasha and tries to convince her that Kanan is trying to set them up because they sent him to prison. He wants to use this bit of news as a bait to get in good with his wife, but she is not listening to any of his pitch.

Ghost meets up with Holly, Tommy’s girlfriend. He feels that she cannot be trusted and tries to bribe her so that she can skip town. She does not take the cash, but you can bet she will wish she had because soon after the feds show up.

Greg takes her in for interrogation, and it is scary to imagine what she will say to law enforcement about Tommy and Ghost.

Kanon is making all the Power moves

Kanan is being a complete snake for the umpteenth time. He drops in on Tasha, you know, just to see how she is recovering from the uh, breakup. He is carrying gifts and he is all forward, offering his prized ‘services’ to Tasha. He even throws a line in edgewise, to the effect that he was thinking of her alot while incarcerated. Sure you were, K.

When he leaves, we get a flash of Tasha’s street side as she pulls a piece out. She was ready to shoot if it had come to that. Atta girl.

Power season 2 episode 4 winds up with Kanan and Dre out in an isolated area. In the trunk of the former’s car is Brock, who has has been given a nasty beating and has had his tongue ripped out. He is one of Dre’s boys that 50 Cent simply didn’t like, and thus he has to go.

Reluctantly, Dre kills him since there’s no point in saving him at that point.

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