Power, Season 2 Episode 7 – You’re Not the Man

Power Season 2 Episode 7
There is always something about Power’ each week that leaves you with that wait, what?’ feeling. I honestly thought that Tommy would defend Holly, but I guess its bros over, you know the rest. We left the last episode with Tommy handcuffed to his bed yelling a barrage of expletives at Holly as she walked away heartbroken. This was after she tried to get him to turn on Ghost.

The episode kicks off with Ghost and Angela having some fun times and Tasha asking him if he has begun sleeping with her to get some information. Meanwhile, Tommy has finally broken free and is getting high, probably trying to figure out what just happened. Ghost comes to visit him and keeps asking if he’s OK.

Angela is in front of a judge getting ready to question Greg Knox. She is trying to get an arrest warrant for Tommy. According to the session, the team believes that Tommy is Ghost and want him to testify against Lobos. However, the judge is quite the tough one as he demands some actual proof. Holly is now a Person of Interest thanks to Angela.Dre from Power

Dre and Ghost finally meet and they have some small talk about Canaan and how Dre wants to get out of the streets. Shawn is watching them when Tasha calls and she find out that Angela has ever been in the car. Tasha’s paranoia kicks in, probably because she believes that Angela may have done something to the car. She is also having her house swept for bugs and wants the same done to the car. Meanwhile, Tommy is having money being moved from the laundromat hideout, but as they are on the move, the police pull them over, under the watchful eye of Knox.

Ghost finds out that everyone is in the dark about their businesses thanks to Stern’s new right-hand man Cantos. There is mention of Revena Holdings and Ghost tricks Cantos out of his office and goes snooping. He takes pictures of records and through a letter, finds out that Revena is located in the Cayman Islands.

Tasha is looking for a divorce attorney. The attorney warns her that because of the prenup it might be wiser to stay for financial security. Angela finds out that Holly has gone under, has not used her ATM card or left the country. She fears that she may be in trouble or dead so she goes to see Jamie/Ghost about. She mentions that she asked Holly to testify about a number of crimes surrounding the case. She threatens to leave if he doesn’t tell her where Holly is. He tells her that she is under a fake ID as Monica Moore. What I cannot decide is if he is doing it to keep Tasha happy or because of his feelings for Miss Angela.

Meanwhile, Shawn tries to convince Tasha to leave and he will take care of her. I am pretty sure that not even Shawn can keep her from all the luxury she is used to. The Lobos meet and greet is clearly of great interest to Ghost’s distributors. Ghost now knows that Tommy and the boys were stopped by police and the money is in transit.

Tommy’s paranoia is going into overdrive as he shares his fears with Ghost, but Ghost insists that he has things under control. Tommy maintains that Angela is a threat and Ghost fears that he might try to kill her. He goes to Tasha to talk him down and Tasha uses this opportunity to talk about the prenup. He says that they need to stay married so she is not forced to testify against him.

Angela has a location on Holly and has left to look for her, but look who is following her – Tommy. Tasha shows up to talk him down. Ghost goes to see Mrs. Stern who clearly wants nothing to do with her husband. He mentions Revena Holdings and finds out that it is the name of their daughter who died at 10 days old. She said the same thing I thought that sick bastard!’ Ghost asks her to look into it and let him know. As he leaves, he finds Shawn on the phone but he quickly hangs up. Ghost confronts him as to who he is speaking to, thinking it is Canaan. Shawn goes to see Dre to ask about his father, so he tells them to inform Canaan that Lobos is in town.

We cross over to Tasha and Tommy having a bonding session over shots and Angela has found Holly. Holly is clearly mad at Angela for almost getting her killed. She then tells Angela that Jamie is not Ghost and that she doesn’t care what happens to Tommy. She points out that she will not say anything about Lobos. Turns out that Ghost was listening in on the conversation and he pays her for services rendered. At the same time, he finds out through some documents that Isabel Ruiz helped create a composite sketch of Tommy with the feds.

The soon-to-be-ex Mrs. Stern goes to see Ghost at Truth and confirms the information he gave her. All he wants in return when they do him in is Truth back. Meanwhile, Tommy is getting the money moved and Lobos is in town.

Angela steals Jamie’s phone and shares the ID number with her team. Turns out they have duplicated his SIM card and they can now see the messages he receives. Cue end credits. I think that Angela’s life span keeps getting shorter by the day and New York City is about to get crazier now that the man of the hour, Lobos, has officially landed.

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