Power, Season 2 Episode 8 – Three Moves Ahead

Ghost and Dre

Lobos is in town, Tommy had to be talked off the kill Angela’ ledge and everyone in NYC is jittery about Lobos’ presence. In fact, the episode begins with an attempt on his life. He declares that NYC is too hot for him and wants to get his money from Ghost and skip town.

Angela has cloned Jamie/Ghost’s phone. Tasha wants Ghost to make Lobos go away and get new suppliers, something he shares with Tommy. Tommy is still hell-bent on getting rid of Angela, but Ghost thinks they split the money and leave the drug life behind to which Tommy disagrees.

Lobos calls Ghost and wants to meet at a yet to be determined location. Of course, Angela receives a notification of this call. Meanwhile, Kanan wants to know from Shawn everything Uncle Ghost has been up to, including information about Lobos.

Angela follows Ghost who lies that he is at Truth. At the Monkey Bar, after a man crush moment admiring Ghost’s suit, Lobos tells him he wants to go off the grid and that Ghost should take on more responsibilities. The only condition is that he gets rid of Tommy. Ghost asks for a few days and will give him an answer when he delivers the money. My mind split into a million thoughts trying to figure out how Ghost will fix this one. Turns out Lobos’ associate is listening in on the conversation and Lobos points out that Ghost could be a liability.

Cut to the federal department’s office where the task force learns that Lobos is meant to meet Tommy. Angela is shocked that her Jamie Clone Phone’ has no incoming messages on this. They want to catch Lobos and Tommy in the commission of a crime, which is the only way to get him.

Dre and Kanan

Kanan meets Dre and they engage in some small talk. Kanan encourages him to find out where the Lobos meet will be and even get Ghost to take Dre with him. Tommy and Canaan are talking over a meal while Dre goes to meet Ghost. Kanan is offering to go with Tommy during the meet as backup while Dre is trying to woo Ghost into getting him involved, quite unsuccessfully on both ends. Ghost’s man is on the prowl for money owed from one of their clients’.

The Jamie Clone Phone receives a message which Angela deciphers as a meeting plan at the Carlton Hotel Room 540 at noon. Angela shares fears of the warehouse meet being a decoy, of which Greg brushes off.

Tommy and Tasha meet and he shares his conversation with Ghost about killing Lobos and that Ghost wants out, which she is not happy about. At this point, Tommy confirms the real meeting is at the Carlton, as Angela suspected. Tasha goes to Truth to find Ghost. She accuses him of wanting to run away with Angela, which he denies.

Shawn is at Tasha’s and as they are having a moment, Lakeisha figures out there is something between them and wants to know how Tasha intends on keeping it hidden from Ghost. Shawn gets to the lobby and finds daddy dearest has figured out what keeps his son out all night. In their father-son banter, Shawn reveals the Carlton hotel meet.LaKeisha

At Ruiz’s spot, Dre shows up with Kanan. The moral of this meeting is to get Ruiz riled up because this is the time he is finding out about the Lobos meet. Kanan tries to convince him that they should meet Lobos themselves and get Ghost’s team on their side. They go and meet the ever-crazy Vladmir and Ruiz confesses about the hit on Vlad’s spot, which ended up with an Armenian tortured and killed.

Ghost goes to see the lawyer-client’ who seems reluctant to pay for the stash he buys from them. He knows a lot about his family. He asks him to represent him, which he agrees. Meanwhile, the feds are planning for the fake warehouse bust, and Angela has the real meet in mind. Greg has noticed she is distant, by the way. Back at Lobos’ room, his associate is laying tarp on the floor, a clear indication that Lobos intends to get rid of Ghost.

Angela goes to see Jamie and tries to convince him to run away. He lies that he has a big meeting at Truth. Brokenhearted, she gets to the Carlton and calls Greg about the real meeting spot. She takes pictures of Tommy carrying a big bag, presumably of cash. Greg leads the team to room 540. Angela is downstairs listening in on the bust and shots are fired. They announce that they have Lobos in custody. Kanan is watching as they bring out Tommy and Lobos in cuffs and Lobos’ associate in a body bag. Angela tries calling Jamie but he is unavailable. He watches her from afar while Shawn goes to see daddy Canaan on if he knew about the bust. He denies and tells Shawn that it was Ghost who got him arrested and jailed. Canaan and Dre plan to take Ghost down, and Shawn offers to help.

The feds are celebrating their big bust and Greg tells Angela that her source will need to come forward. Jamie texts her from a new number and tells her that they can leave the next day. She throws away the clone phone and gets into a cab, clearly upset. I guess we have to wait and see what she will do, what Ghost has in mind, if Shawn will take uncle G out and what happens to Tommy & Lobos. Wow, so much to take in.

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