Starz “Power” Season 3 Teaser & New Streaming Service

It’s about to be that time again, Power TV season is getting closer.

Ghost will face quite a few different challenges this season, there’s the on-going street war with Kanan, Tommy planning a plot to take him out, the government trying to link to a RICO conspiracy claim and former business partners wanting a piece back of their corporation.

Not to mention internal battle with his family, then on the other side there’s the issue of dealing with his real love Angela that present its own set of problems.

Lets not forget that Lobos now also wants him dead.

This new season should be non-stop action.

Along with the teaser trailer, the Starz Network also announced that they’re launching their own stand-alone-streaming service. Offering unlimited downloads for the first time in premium-cable channel app history, the service will run users a $8.99 monthly fee and will allow up to four viewers watching from one account at once.

This comes at the perfect time for the new season of Power, so those who don’t have cable can now watch the series.

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