Launches New Feature To Help Artists Get More Spotify Followers

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Smaller artists have hard time gaining any tracking on Spotify, that’s because it’s where all the major labels and artists are and thus too much noise to get anything done. The silver lining though is that majority of music fans are there as well, so you have the ability to reach them on a single platform.

The benefit of having more followers on Spotify is that it drives the number of people that listen to your music and thus makes you more popular on the platform which will increase the amount of plays you get that span beyond just your fans.

Gaining fans on Spotify isn’t easy though, and this is where steps in.

They’ve launched a new feature that uses the tried-and-true method of locking your content until the users performs a specific task, it’s been done in almost every vertical on the internet in some way, shape or form. customers can gate audio files, SoundCloud tracks, and YouTube videos. Fans are directed to follow a Spotify artist, user, or playlist in exchange for access to content. A campaign with this feature will set you back $28 a week. already offered gating for email addresses. They previously offered gating in exchange for Facebook likes, but removed the feature when Facebook’s policy changed.

I’m not certain but the Marketing Platform claims they’re the first to offer this feature on Spotify.

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