Steph Lecor – Saturday (Video)

The very moment I heard this record, in fact the first 10 seconds of it, I knew it was a smash. I believe there’s a new wave of female MCs (Thank you Nicki) that will soon be on the rise, where singing and rapping will be an integral piece of their overall package and there will be little bit of everything to please all sorts of Hip Hop fans.

I count Steph Lecor among those new bead of female MCs, it’s clear there’s genuine talent there but I think what’s more important is the fact that she’s now under the “We The Best Music” umbrella. Under the tutelage DJ Khaled, someone who repeatedly delivers hit records and summer anthems, depending on what her second single sounds like, I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s on the XXL Freshmen 2016 list.

That’s however down the road, right now it’a all about Saturday, which is already a local hit in Miami and is now making the rounds on Urban radio around the country.

It took some time for the visual to hit but it’s finally here, and all I have to say is that this girl has star potential written all over her.

You can also see Steph in Khaled’s recently released videos, Gold Slugs and You Mine.

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