T-Pain – Bigger Than Pain [Documentary]

We’ve quickly forgotten that not too long ago, T-Pain owned the airwaves for 3 years running and he was the go-to-guy for those guaranteed hit choruses. The originator of the Auto-tune and still really the only that still knows how to use it correctly.

Kanye West, a musical genius in his own right once called T-Pain brilliant.

T-Pain has released over 4 albums, and won two Grammys and more number one hits than you can count. After all the success, things slowed down and T-Pain faded for while.

Don’t be fooled though, T-Pain hasn’t lost a step. His new mixtape “The Iron Way” with DJ Drama is a testament to that.

In his new documentary in Collaboration with World Star Hip Hop, “Bigger Than Pain” chronicles the rise, fall and reemergence of T-Pain on the music scene.

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