Troy Ave Charged with Attempted Murder & Criminal Possession of a Weapon

Original story: Shooting at T.I.’s NYC Concert Leaves Troy Ave Among Four People Shot and 1 Killed

The NYPD are now reporting that Troy Ave has been arrested for attempted murder & criminal possession of a weapon, which they tweeted out earlier.

A video has surfaced from inside the green room where the shooting took place. As you can see, people were crowded in a small area when shots rang out and folks were left scrambling out.

Also TMZ has gotten their hands on a clip showing T.I.’s reaction.

The NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton had this to say about the incident while talking to a radio station.

The crazy world of the so-called rap artists who are basically thugs that basically celebrate the violence they’ve lived all their lives.

Not sure if that’s the opinion we need at this moment from the authorities.

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