Troy Ave Wheeled into Manhattan Criminal Court, Formally Charged with Attempted Murder

Last Wednesday, things went sideways in Troy Ave’s world, after the fatal shooting that left his friend dead and many injured at an Irving Plaza concert. Troy Ave who’s real name is Rolland Collins has been formally charged with attempted murder in the Irving Plaza shooing at the T.I. concert.

This stemmed from footage Trow discharging a weapon in the venue, in the clip above, you can see Ave being wheeled into Manhattan Criminal Court as he’s still recuperating from a gunshot wound to his leg.

After his appearance, Ave was denied bail, due to a prosecutor’s recommendation. Ave is expected to be held without bail until his formal trial begins at a later date, after his defense team of Scott E. Leemon and John Stella were also denied the request of a $50,000 bail – citing he had no prior criminal record.

So far the real shooter has yet to be found according to Detective John Santiago, the original video, which was obtained by TMZ, revealed people trying to break up a fight, as three shots rang out.

We’ll keep you post on this as it develops.

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