Wale Keeps it Honest on Why Meek Mill Lost To Drake

Wale has been on a crazy run, he released various freestyles over the past few weeks and he’s putting the finishing touches on Maybach Music Group’s upcoming Self Made 4.

Since the album will arrive in a few weeks, interviews are a appropriate. So while on The Breakfast Club, Folarin went into quite a bit of details about various topics.

When it comes to Wale, I like his music but I usually can’t deal with his whining about not getting what he deserves in Hip Hop, complaining about other artists getting more attention, a racist industry, blah blah blah. To be fare he touched on some good topics as well such as drug use, Lamar Odom, depression, Black Lives Matter and much more.

The good topics aside, everything else was complaining, It’s not that he doesn’t have a point, it’s more so that he keeps on whining about the same thing and absolutely no one likes a whiner. He goes into this tirade about Gay musicians having an advantage in music now, which you could argue is true to a certain extent because the media has driven the narrative of “Gay is the new courage,” but you can also argue that maybe they deserve it because of how horribly they been treated the past couple decades.

I believe one of the few parts of the interview I agreed with whole heartily was when the topic Drake vs Meek was brought up, Wale is hardly ever right but one thing he is for better or worse, is honest.

When it came to the battle, he thought “he brought a pencil to a gun fight” and that’s pretty much how we all felt when it happened.

Then he goes on to say Drake also won because he was more popular and has the corporation behind him, he believes Meek would have lost even if he had a better diss record. That’s not true, in the beginning, we all expected Meek to come back with an amazing response. Battle Rap plays by different rules than mainstream Hip Hop, how big you are as an artist doesn’t matter, in fact it could be a weakness because we love the underdogs.

He also talks about MMG not being the family it once was, he and Meek issues and relationship with Rick Ross.

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