Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose face off in Gang of Roses 2

Oh man, I can’t take it, – this is without a doubt the most ridiculous s**t I ‘ve seen so far this year, I have a feeling this will be a epic disaster. Good news though; Amber gets it in with both Rocsi and Laila Odom – who doesn’t appreciate some good ol’ girl on girl action? Wiz better drop that tape around the time this airs so It will distract us from the super FAIL that this is shaping up to be. Who knows though, maybe it’ll win an MTV Movie Award -_-

From MTV:

A brief history: “Gang of Roses” is a 2003 Western drama with starring roles from Lil Kim, LisaRaye, Bobby Brown and Stacey Dash. The second installment, “Gang of Roses 2,” is set for release on February 14 with appearances from Amber Rose, Wiz Khalifa, Teyana Taylor and Rocsi Diaz, to name a few. In the second trailer for “Gang of Roses 2,” viewers get a snippet of Rose and her rapper boyfriend in costume, riding horses and having very brief dialog.

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