50 Cent Warns: “Be Careful The Things You Say About The Lil Wayne & Baby Situation”

As the Lil Wayne and Birdman rift continues to spiral out of control, with everything from Twitter rants, diss records to lawsuits. Everyone from fans, personalities to celebs have been weighing in on the drama that’s been ensuing over at Young Money / Cash Money records.

50 Cent along with his G-Unit crew stopped by MTV News, during their interview 50 was asked what his thoughts were on the Lil Wayne & Baby situation.

He warns that folks should definitely approach the issue with caution, offering up some wise words:

I hate when personal things become public, because everyone speculates on things that they don’t really know about. I just know that they had a father and son relationship, and that could easily be something they communicate between the two of them, and resolve instead of having everybody else involved in it.”

This rings true, especially since 50 Cent is speaking from a point of view of first hand experience with his own G-Unit crew and their now resolved drama.

Almost every Hip Hop crew you can think of, have had their disagreements and in almost every case they all end up mending fences.

When they forgive each other – and 50 Cent is entirely confident they will – they may not forgive the outsiders who offered their unwanted opinions on this delicate moment of their personal and professional lives.

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Law Deen
Law Deen
5 years ago

They all gay