A$AP Rocky: “New York Hasn’t Had it’s Own Sound Since 50 Cent & Dipset”

While running around New York city doing the promo run for his new album At.Long.Last.A$AP, Rocky stopped by Hot 97 to kick it with Ebro, Perter Rosenberg and Laura Stylez to talk about numerous topics.

One of the major topics of the conversation was his lyrics about Rita Ora on the “Better Things” track where he talks about messing with her while he was still in a relationship.

The line has stirred up quite a bit of chatter over the internet, more than Flocko expected. He was quick to say the track was dated and that’s just how he was feeling at the time, he only used it to air her out because she had previously caused problems in a relationship he was in prior.

Another key point that was made in the interview was when Ebro asked Rocky about not getting his props for being a New York artist. Rocky stressed the point that Hip Hop is too big to sound like one specific region, he says New York hasn’t had it’s own sound since the 50 Cent and Dipset days.

I believe that to be a true statement.

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