Clip: Ghost Learns Holly Was Pregnant, Should He Tell Tommy?

Sunday night, the entire internet (Power fans at least) celebrated the death of Holly, people couldn’t wait for her to die. No one expected it to happen in that episode or at the hands of Tommy, which is why it was so intense. Ironically, her death ended up being the thing that reunited Ghost and Tommy who are now taking aim at Lobos.

One of the things that’s been on all our minds; is if Tommy will ever find out about Holly’s pregnancy. Well in the clip below, Ghost ends up finding out before and is now suck with the dilemma of telling him versus not telling him.

From the scene.

“What happened, they break up?” Tasha asks her estranged husband, jumping to her own conclusion. “She told him about the baby. He fucked it up, right?” [Cue Ghost nearly choking on his drink.]

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