Dame Dash Apparently Believes any Man with a Job Isn’t a Man

I just have one question for this guy.

Who the f**k does this guy think he is? First lets get one thing straight – He didn’t take over the show, The Breakfast Club allowed him to go on a rampage because this great for ratings. He got pimped and doesn’t even know it.

I had a few colleagues text me about the interview, they were in disbelief of what they were hearing and so was I.

Is this the same Dame Dash who’s net worth is -$2 million? That’s about 2 million less than I have.

But what do I know, maybe Forbes and Celebrity Net Worth are incorrect.

He spent the sum of 40 minutes trying to son DJ Envy for working at Power 105.1, repeatedly sighting that he’s not a Boss because he works for someone else.

Then he went on to say anyone who has a boss is not a real man if they have a boss. What!?

So basically 95% of the people who were listening to show are now lesser because they’re on their way to work to make a honest living.

He’s dissing the show but at the same time he’s on the show to promote a movie he’s made, Dame – if you don’t need the radio station, why are you there?

I’m just a little confused as to why he believes he can talk to people as if he’s some how this big boss of all bosses when your epic failures are publicly documented.

Not saying there’s anything about failure that anyone should be ashamed of, obviously it’s a part of the success journey.

But come on now, when was the last time Dame did anything that was successful?

During the interview he said to Angela Yee that $100 thousand was nothing to him, saying it’s all relative.

OK cool, well since it’s all relative – what was the last thing that Dame did that was relatively successful? In the context of someone who doesn’t thinks $100k isn’t anything?

Relatively speaking, of course……I’ll wait.

Yeah thought so.

Stop it Dame, we don’t believe you, you need more people.

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