Drake – Jungle [Short Film]

Drake is showing off his acting chops in his new short film entitled “Jungle,” it’s an interesting piece, even more so because the video comes with no description, context or narrative. What we see in the film is Drake moving around the city of Toronto, mixed in with that is old footage of Toronto when it was a much simply place.

You also see some footage of young Drizzy as he sings with his father, as well a resighting rhymes from Nas & Lauryn Hill’s “If I Rule The World.”

What’s most interesting though – is the eerie and haunting score that is the back drop to this entire visual, it was all produced by Drake’s producer Noah “40” Shebib.

For all we know, all the music in the background could be part of this rumored Drake mixtape we keep hearing about, but there’s no proof of that.

We know Drake isn’t going to just release a visual for no reason, something is coming we just don’t know what.

At the end of the film credits we hear the intro to a new song from Drake, judging by it’s placement, it wouldn’t be a reach to say that song may be the next thing we hear in it’s entirety.

Drizzy season is here.

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