Drake and Nicki Minaj are Friends Again

You already know the line:

I don’t wanna hear about this ever again
Not even when she tell him that they better as friends
Not even when you saying, “Drizzy, tell ’em again!

Go ahead and pin another “L” badge on Meek Mill already decorated coat of losses! Drake and Nicki haven’t been on speaking terms for what seems like almost 3 years, they definitely weren’t speaking after Drake released Back To Back going at Meek Mill back in 2015, which Nicki was completely mute on.

Back To Back marked the beginning series of L’s Meek took the rest of that year. Upon until that point, Meek was having an amazing run and now he’s still playing catch up from that moment. Recently Meek and Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill broke up and now a month later, a picture with Drake and Nicki surfaces.

If that’s not an L, I don’t know what is.

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