Fabolous: “How To Create A Lituation”

This is hilarious with the music in the back ground.

The boy Fabolous stops by Noisey to talk about what exactly is a lituation, he being the number endorser of the term with his track that’s actually called “Lituation,” it makes sense he would be the one.

He breaks down what a lituation is and that it basically means to turn up, make something more entertaining, in short anything that enhances a basic situation.

So what are the 3 usually elements to creating a lituation?

  1. Money
  2. Liqour
  3. Females
  4. Drugs (The 4th man off the bench)

Loso also tells us a story of a female that was a new comer to the lit situations and how she rush into it and ended up tapping out early.

Don’t rush the lituation people, just let it come.

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