GQ Previews Kanye West’s Fashion Line, “Yeezy” (Season 1)

If you’re a Kanye West loyalist then you’re basically the Hip Hop version of an Apple fan, you love whatever he does no matter what. My love for Kanye is more on the conservative side, I’ve loved many things he’s done fashion and music wise, but I’ve also not been a fan of quite a few things, like this s**t.

At the moment, I’m really not into his current style phase. The whole loose and baggy up top, composed at the bottom is not my thing, but I’ve been seeing it all over the place lately. I’ve always been more of a fit to the contour type of person and that’s not changing anytime soon.

GQ’s almighty fashion squad got their hands on the full Yeezy season 1 collection by Kanye West. While they shot The Weeknd styling the clothes for the photo spread, GQ’s creative director, Jim Moore, also picked out his five favorite pieces from the line in a short video recap.

Although I’m not feeling Season 1, I do love the Blizzard boots, though, that’s about the only thing I could see myself rocking from this collection. Will Welch is right though, Kanye has done something different – like always, but different doesn’t alway equal good.

Check out a few of the snaps starring The Weeknd.

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