Power – Season 2, Episode 9: Time’s Up

Angela betrays herself

Poor Angela, a girl so in love but super dedicated to her job. Ghost swerved her once again and she wasn’t a happy camper last week. However, Ghost has his own problems since his BFF was snared in the drug bust alongside Lobos. The episode kicks off with Tommy being booked, and he lawyer that owes Ghost some money, Joseph Proctor, is representing him in court and loses his bail hearing.

Tommy uses his phone call to call Tasha while Angela is asked by Cooper how she knew about the meeting with Lobos and lies that she had been tailing him. But Greg knows it’s a lie and tells her she eventually has to bring in Jamie as her witness.

Ghost is at his more methodical

Ghost, reappears and she wants to know why he was off the grid, something he quickly talks himself out of. They start to talk about the bust and Ghost keeps a straight face while telling her that she must have been right about Tommy all along. He tells her that since Lobos is who she was after, she should help Tommy get out. Angela tells him that the only way is if he testifies against Lobos. One thing is for sure, though, Ghost has some serious lines, talking about considering what matters the most and going against everything you know once you do.

Meanwhile, Shawn is in a meeting with Kanan and Dre talking about the hit against Ghost. We cut to Tasha where she is going in on Ghost about Tommy and Ghost insists that he has everything under control. Tommy is not happy about the bail hearing and is wondering why Ghost is not there with him. Proctor checks in with Ghost and he is instructed to make sure that Tommy says nothing about Lobos.

Tasha is Afraid

Angela and her team are tasked with convicting Lobos, and making a deal with Tommy is one of the terms on the table to get it. Tasha tells Keisha that she wants to run away for a bit, something that she is trying to talk her out of. She is trying to talk Shawn into coming along.Tasha and Shawn

A meeting of Team No Ghost’ is meeting. Vlad and Ruiz want to know how they will benefit with Lobos and Tommy in jail. Kanan tells them that he has a plan to take out Ghost. At the interrogation, Cooper uses Egan’s mum to get him to squeal about Lobos, and he is not too happy about it. His mum says that the cops can take everything he has given her especially if he used drug money for it. We now find out that they do not need Tommy’s testimony to convict Lobos.

Meanwhile, Shawn is already armed and has to change plans after a road meant to be used it closed. Angela tells Ghost that Tommy will not snitch and feels that he does not deserve to be protected. She tells him that Tommy will eventually go to jail, to which Ghost says that there are consequences to our actions. Ghost calls Proctor to speak while Egan gets a backdoor visit from Angela.

Enter Proctor

We move back to the court where Proctor flexes his legal muscle. The sketch by Isabel Ruiz makes its debut in court and it is not one of Tommy. The case is therefore dismissed with prejudice (meaning he was kind of discriminated against). Tommy is now a free man and the judge recommends a disciplinary hearing for the fed staff that misplaced the sketch.

Joe Proctor

Angela goes to confront Ghost about taking the sketch and he turns right back and tells her about cloning his phone. Truly a match made in conspiracy heaven. She says that he knew she was following him, and he tells her that he threw the Lobos bone at her for her troubles’. He tells her that he is about to get his club back from Stern and they can be together just as she wanted.

You can see that Angela cannot believe what is coming out of his mouth, saying that she wanted a life with Jamie and not the person standing before her. She asks him if he is Ghost. He still feels it should not matter who he is and she does not take it too well. She leaves the club, visibly brokenhearted. Turns out that Greg followed her.

Shawn at the point of no return

Back in the club, Ghost goes to the back to get some more booze for the bar and Shawn is there, ready to take him out. Ghost, the smooth talker, comes out to play as usual. Ghost admits that he set up Kanan and that it was either that or kill him. Tasha’s name comes up and it dawns on Ghost that he has been with her. Ghost gets the gun from Shawn and tells him to leave New York because this is not the life he was cut out for.

Meanwhile, at Angela’s office, Greg tells her that he believes that Jamie is Ghost and that she has been in cahoots with him. He confesses he has seen her with Ghost a number of times. He believes so because nobody knew of the sketch but them. She confides in him about Ghost and now wants to build a case against him.

Cantos’s office has been ransacked, Tasha is ready to leave town and Kanan is planning to take out Ghost as he leaves the club. Shawn goes to see his dad and is mad that he was being used to get revenge on Ghost. He is not sparing Kanan some harsh words.

Kanan and Shawn

The gun had to be used some way and Kanan has used it on his son. It ends with him calling Dre about a change of plans. Wow, he has managed to piss Tasha and Ghost off, Tommy is out for Angela’s blood and she, on the other hand, is hell-bent on taking Ghost down. The wicked web is still being woven.

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