Suge Knight Sues Dr. Dre for $300 Million, Claims Dre Hired a Hitman to Kill Him

At this rate, there needs to be a "Straight Out Of Compton" sequel because this whole thing is a movie.

Oh how the mighty have fallen

Suge Knight who’s currently in jail has now come up with a new scheme for how he’s going to get paid. According to TMZ, the ex-Death Row Records CEO is suing Dr. Dre for $300 million, the amount he says he’s owed because of a lifetime management deal that entitles him to 30% of his earnings.

The story is that Dr. Dre did not want to pay up his 30% after selling his company (Beats by Dre) to Apple and he hired someone to kill him at the 2014 BET Awards. This was that night where someone made an attempt on Suge’s life which resulted in him being shot seven times. The shooter (T-Money) admitted to being hired by Dre to murder him.

The lawsuit is claiming that  Cle “Bone” Sloan was paid upwards of $300,000 to assault Knight on the Straight Outta Compton set, an incident that ultimately left Terry Carter dead (Suge is currently awaiting trial for his role in the hit-and-run murder).

Dr. Dre responded through a representative saying,

“Given that Dre has had zero interaction with Suge since leaving Death Row Records in 1996, we hope that Suge’s lawyer has lots of malicious prosecution insurance”

At this rate, there needs to be a “Straight Out Of Compton” sequel because this whole thing is a movie.

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